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    The Ritual Road!


    Some of the women who have experienced the Power of Rituals feel called to work with them too. Some of them are coaches, trainers or teachers already, some are completely new on the path of ‘Guiding Leadership’ to help others with getting real and deep transformations. When you are interested in becoming a professional Ritualist or Ritual Coach yourself you need a clear map...


    The Masterclass!


    You've checked out the Map of ‘The Ritual Road’, and now you’re probably even more excited and curious to know if and how you can become a Ritualist and Ritual Coach too! In this MasterClass we will “Walk The Ritual Road” together and I give an in depth training on the 9 clear steps every Coach, Trainer or Teacher should take to build a successful Transformational Business AND get your clients the deepest transformations.  


    The Transformation!


    You connect with the Archetype of The Wise on a deep level, and something   inside of you tells you that you are ready for a Big Transformation yourself. Maybe you need to work through something from the past, or you need to prepare for something that is coming in your future… Maybe you don’t know exactly what it is… but something needs to change. 

    This 90 minutes online 1-to-1 personal session with a Transformational Ritual is something you’ve never experienced before. It will Touch your Heart, Shake your Soul and your Life will Never be the Same!





    The EVENT

  • Read the books, watched all the webinars and took the courses?

  • Or fed up with not feeling good enough,  stress and overwhelm?

  • Ready to get YOUR show on the road, and make that change?

  • Then treat yourself (and your bestie!), and prepare for a amazing, deep and fun Feminine Leadership Event filled with Empowerment, Workshops & direct Implementation. Come and join us while we spend a powerful day Meeting & Working with ALL 4 Archetypes: The Lover, The Mother, The Queen and The Wise.

    Join us for an exhilarating day of CoCreation with women like you who are ready for delicious SelfCare, Personal Leadership to Triple your Productivity, Practical Planning for your Professional Leadership AND Rituals for Deep Transformations. 

    Your Heart will be Touched, your Life will never be the Same! 

    Lady Leaders Like YOU

     At the Lady Leaders community we celebrate diversity, women of different backgrounds, ages, colours, sizes, countries... and with different dreams. These women love to support each other and they all are unified in their desire to create positive change. They're Lady Leaders, just like you!!

    Mae believed in me, trusted me and really listened to me. She saw my core power and nourished it, supported and guided me when a dear friend of mine chose to end her life after long suffering. One of her last wishes was for me to lead a handfasting ceremony for her and her husband. Mae helped me to gift my friend and her family a transformational ritual which made the last two days of her life full of love, deep connection, joy and surrender. Our ritual made all the difference in saying farewell, letting go and the integration of our new life. For this, I will forever be grateful to Mae.

    Roser Vlug Yuma Mayu

    This picture was taken at my training Retreat in Bali. Watching group dynamics I learned how to let things play out and adjust schedules accordingly. To experience all as student AND teacher, showed me the balance of ‘spaceholding’ and teaching. Mae has a clear eye for business, she taught me to be clear on what I want, how to get it, and how to value my time. It's a level of Leadership that many in the ritual or spiritual business tend to overlook. What I absolutely put into practice is the way to project the buildup and costs of retreats, plan my income, and learning from the best of what Mae taught me.

    Shamna Van Santen - Grey

    I’ve experienced the power of Mae's rituals during the highs and the lows in my life. She designed and lead our wedding ritual with us, also my beautiful Belly Blessing when I was pregnant of my first, and the Baby Blessing after my girl was born. But she was also there for us during the birth and loss of our second little baby. By supporting us with rituals, she helped us to make these hard times bearable. It really helped us with processing and coping, and now only a few months later I can even call it a beautiful experience which has brought us so much. I wish this kind of support for every family!

    Marieke Smit