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     ‘Change your Rituals,

    Change your Life!’

    Every week a new 7 day Challenge to Gift yourself new Healthy Habits.


    Hi SoulShakers, GameChangers, Do-Gooders, Purpose-Powered, Go-Getting, Inspired and Heart Driven women,

    We Are Lady Leaders

    Yes! This includes you too! Our motto is “Alone you go fast, and together We go Far!”.

    It’s exactly why we co-created this community, a Facebook Group called ‘The Lady Leaders Lounge’.

    It’s built for and by heart-centered ambitious women, who take time for SelfCare, who want to get Fit, Healthy and have more Free Time...

    Who want to Shine in their Feminine Leadership, share their Message and build a Soul Business around it.

    Women who Dare to Dive Deep, are ready for Transformation and who want to Lift others up too! Women... just... like... YOU!

    The ‘Lady Leaders Lounge’ is there for you to chill, to meet those like minded women, and to give and receive some ‘sister support’ on our way to Feminine Leadership.

    But that’s not all! We also included:   ‘THE CHALLENGE’, totally FREE!

    Every week a new 7 days challenge starts to help and motivate you to start implementing the Core Rituals from your ‘Lady Log’!

  • Because YOU come first, every week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will work with the Core Rituals for YOU.

  • The first week, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we’ll implement the Core Rituals of The Lover.

  • The second week, Thursday until Saturday, it’s time for the Core Rituals of The Mother.

  • The fourth week, Thursdays until Saturday, we go deep with the Core Rituals of The Wise.

  • Every Sunday you have a day off! Easy breezy!

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    Why do this Challenge?It’s FUN! You’ll learn new Rituals! I’ll share my favourite apps and tools with you to make your life easier! You’ll find your natural rhythm, get an energy boost and a whole new set of Healthy Habits! But wait…. There is more! …. …. ... THERE ARE PRIZES TO WIN!!!

  • Join the FREE challenge TODAY!

    Ready to take Action and make some much needed Changes? Join us for some Fun, ‘Sister Support’, Crazy Co-Creation and Amazing Prizes in The Lady Leaders Lounge. Every week a new Challenge starts, giving you a chance to ‘Change your Rituals to Change your Life! Be part of a community of like minded women and join the next Challenge for FREE!

    The RESULTS!

    Lifting women up to shine and share their message is what we live for. We truly believe in our motto: Alone you go fast and together we go far! Femine Leadership is all about co-creation, so we’re truly proud and grateful to share the results the women we have worked with achieved

    ‘Mae is a warm, wise and compassionate woman, a great teacher on so many levels. She is a natural loving leader who empowers others by helping them reaching their full potential and becoming the leader of their own lives. She is a passionate expert in Rituals, and created amazing rituals for two of the most important days of my life. Our wedding and the blessings for our youngest daughter. She did this with so much care and love. She found a way to truly reflect our love in ritual, and made it visible for all our guests. Mae is beauty, strength, empowerment and lot's of joy. She knows how to break the ice with her great humor and amazing smile. I love her as a dear Sister.’

    Margo Awanata,

    the Netherlands

    “Mae helps women overcome their obstacles using transformational rituals so they can transform their life stories into more empowering ones, find their life's purpose, and shine their own unique light on the world.”

    Dr. Mary Pritchard,


    Before my Queen Archetype Ritual I felt 'all over the place' and like I constantly had to prove myself. When I met Mae, I could sense her beautifully grounded and powerful energy as a facilitator of these Sacred Rituals. During our work together I felt so many things being shifted into their rightful place. Honoring ALL of me literally put me back together piece by piece energetically. I absolutely loved and adored feeling The Queen rise so gracefully and powerfully while also honoring the other archetypes within me. Now, I feel solid, anchored in worth, as the ruler of my life, time, money, and energy. I highly, highly recommend you working with Mae if you feel your heart calling her to you. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and I feel so blessed that our paths have crossed. She truly means it when she says : You & I are sisters. All part of a sisterhood. Together we create magic. We created magic together for sure. We really did!’

    Nadia Shana Krauss